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I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Management of IT and Systems from the Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (S.C.M.H.R.D.), Pune, India.

I have no professional qualification in Design. My work speaks for itself! The only qualification I have - in terms of design - is that I have been selling my HandMade Greeting Cards since I was in school and have been drawing and painting all my life. I love colors and like experimenting with unconventional designs and layouts. I have alsways wanted to pursue "Design" as a profession, but have not had the chance - until now. I have Ms. Joyce Wycoff and ThinkSmart to thank for putting me on this track - finally! I do not offer coding or programming services via ASIDE Design. I provide Design Consulting Services where I assist the Client for layouts, color schemes, shapes, sizes, fonts, etc. So for your website I will do the basic design in terms of coding, but for special effects like Flash and Animations you will have to hire the services of a Professional Flash Designer. For the Presentations I provide design upgradation, flow synthesis, layouts, graphics and editing services. I design all my graphics independently and use Adobe Photoshop. Apart from designing, I also love to read and write. I have my Father to thank for my fluent English and that enables me to offer Editing, ProofReading and CopyWriting Services. I am based in India, but thanks to the Internet, my work is not restricted geographically. For critique or praise for my work - do drop in an e-mail to asideconsulting[at]gmail[dot]com.

I also publish an Innovation Blog on Blogger. Since the concept of Innovation is another passion alongside design, I also plan to be an Innovation Consultant. I am currently involved in the Innovation 2004 Global Innovation Study Team.
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